Monday, November 13, 2017

Kit Kelen #680 - jungle comes

jungle comes

so quiet dark
the jungle comes

night fallen to it
where I have not been

so sleep and all light
comes to this

it has its resident wings and tunes
is chorded with arc
sight lines
bark strewn

and like the snake come squeezing round
all within rain conjuring

the corners grow against

so dusty time must sit indoors
because there is the weather

and all among the colours
one green tendril finds an in

you make a picture
but the thing's alive

roof yourself
blow, wash away

clock rots
there are no hours here

timber down is ants'

all fall to the jungle

here is the maze
and library of potions

best refuge of the unseen

you make the mind a garden
throw open and the jungle comes

the pages of it tell to none
unless we stop to say

my own resemble
where I find a way

leaves turn
and turn again

who dares to call this home
has to be travelling here

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