Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kristen de Kline # 175 when we first broke up

when we first broke up

I’d only just make it home fall to my knees the cat would brush against my legs howl in the hallway I'd turn on the ABC news Charles Manson was dead the neighbour wants to borrow a Phillips head screwdriver David Cassidy's croaked it too a Jehovah's Witness bangs on the door offering me God, three cans of black and gold baked beans and a long-stemmed rose

when we first broke up


  1. it happened to me
    my cat broke first
    followed by
    my car broke down
    then I got the flu
    I lost my fucking job
    but when she left
    I was already going

    1. Ah, divine justice - when she left, I was already going :)


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