Thursday, November 30, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 364 - Breakfast for the ages

Breakfast for the ages

this cinnamon scroll   from Star Wars 
 how I choose my food     post Paleo 
post ethics
 some dude said my pH must be
all the wrong  way round

don’t you want to put
 them in the ground
no concentration span
 just a feeling
takes advice
 from a bee

when the library at Alexandria
burnt down   bee said
to me

it ripped the heart out
of the ancient world
there was no more
 buzz but peace


  1. dinosaur for breakfast

    mammoth for my brunch

    elevenses snack on the reader

    don't ask about my lunch

  2. HELL GETTING THOSE dinosaur eggs back in the shell


  3. I love this, Kerri.

    (Believe me, it's no omelette.)


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