Thursday, March 31, 2016

#85 Kevn Brophy ‘Everything’

You can’t tell at the outset how much of everything
will be enough for one day.
A mechanic down the road worked
on the town grader all day.
The louder his heavy metal music played
the better the engine of the grader went. 
We walked in the dusk towards
that end of town where the town’s generator
goes unceasing, loud and hard behind wire fences.
We passed a house with a beat box out front
and fairy lights too. We saw a pig, a cow
and five children doing cartwheels.
We passed a house with the name Eugene
Written across the front wall.
We could hear that grader moving
slow and loud through the dark.
We turned for home. The horned cow watched us.
The children melted back to parents, aunts
and uncles playing cards or talking of the past.
This seemed to be enough of everything
for one day.

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