Monday, March 28, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #86 blue and green chairs

blue and green chairs
personified, I visit, 
wanting a cuppa, asking
for the next poem,
I've penned them already
as kissy, confiding,
unsteady. you chairs, are
intimate, whispering,
lonely today, waiting for a chat
outside the cafe.

can I tell you of chairs
at home? one a washing basket
another a laundry sorter
a computer chair (wide girthed)
a piano stool (distant relative,
I know, not really a chair),
standing in as table
and bookcase, 
they are less
worldly than you, less
interesting? you confide,
understand, as a regular bird
perch, ashtray, magazine
stand, balancing act,
pissing post,
guide for the blind
shoe scraper
toppling tower
poem subject
chairs of the world
wanting more than
domesticity, you recognise
the mutability of objects,
pity those back home,
know you, the blue
and green chairs, can be
almost anything
I want of you


  1. pleasurable! I really enjoyed this. Did you do the wonderful chalk poetry as well?

  2. Yes I did! Thanks, Efi! And someone else (Michael Johns) traced the shadows of the stoplight over the afternoon.


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