Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Robert Verdon, #95, escaped dream

sun melts over the horizon like cheese
as I peep through the cracked pane, a hatchling
my escaped dream is a glass pony on a mirror
the taste in my mouth is rain from a steep roof
the people below me inch along ledges
wondering how they came to be in reality
where money cannot yet buy immortality
the sun has never been quite that colour
the window-glass is now whipped egg-white
the pony clatters and drops glass beads
the roof has no walls at all
light turns into grass before my swimming eyes
and cows are taking over
it is not Cockaigne, nor cocaine
perhaps it is time to doze again,
Humpty Dumpty,
but I cannot, and miss all this …


  1. your imagery and word choice is fab!

  2. thank you, not sure where it comes from some times … :)

  3. It escapes cliche, maybe for that reason


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