Monday, March 28, 2016

Anna Couani #85 Kαλό Πάσχα!

the most celebratory thing we did at Easter
was eat with friends
and feed friends
I read about the debate over the name Easter
convinced of the original pagan scenario
then somebody said “quiet resurrection”
in the last few days
but I didn’t understand the reference

someone else had wonderful died eggs
or is that dyed

my dad seemed enthusiastic about dyed eggs
one year
and he got it together with the panty hose
and tea leaf dye mixture
made a pattern of leaves
that was when he was alive
and while he was still capable
of doing things in the kitchen

I still have his objects around me
at my computer
the blue and white Wedgewood box
for example
something he would have found in the back lane
thrown out by someone else
broken and reglued
but not obviously
so what with the shattered mirrored cigarette case
and the silver goblet
I can keep the good memories of him alive


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