Thursday, March 31, 2016

Robert Verdon, #96, Fifty Years Later

spotty boys in army uniforms
who built character and self-discipline and
by taking their rifles on the school bus
after a good shoot with the L.M.G.
on the Bren range (it being axiomatic
that one cannot give orders
unless one can take them),

I saw less and less of
as the shadow seemed to change
on the sundial of the century,
war made obsolete
by universal death,
and Vietnam,
and the middle-class abundance
of the tail-end of the
boom triggered by the Marshall Plan.

we sit comfortably aboard a bullet train,
obsessed with cutting out every
brown spot from our
shrinking avocado,
not rocking but rocketing
(unarmed and unknowing)
smug at our progress
towards the purest democracy.


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