Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Anna Couani #86 tiny things

miniatures by Hilik Mirankar

another tiny thing remains on the lounge room shelf
a tiny carved chair mounted on a seemingly high podium
which seems somehow appropriate
that a chair might be up there
and it’s on a high shelf in the lounge room
that is unreachable without a ladder

the other tiny things have all been taken to the miniature show
scattered across the two shop windows on plinths

I had a go at organising them
the things made of toothpicks and chopsticks
seemed to naturally go together
like a Giacometti sculpture
the little ladder and the other constructions
that are patently un-useful
don’t even suggest usefulness
but which have their own logic

my photo caught the stick arrangements
in that Giacometti way
and serendipitously
the tiny red reflection of the Thai massage sign
across the road
actually on the shop window
but appears to be stamped on the side of the plinth
like a neon signature
and miniature
suiting the tiny installation


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