Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sarah St Vincent Welch #89 Trees of Northbourne

Trees of Northbourne

the road into Canberra
is lined with accidental trees
a temporary relief growing

river gums, not for streets
or offices or flats, cussedly
took root and towered

we walk their dusky length today
bitumen, weeds and potholes
the shapes of the trees familiar
long hanging leaves and bark
cluster buds on blossom brink

remember tall night shadows,
drunks faltering at our car
withered crash bouquets
murder memorials, talk of
election night women
flashing buses, sturdy bras
and modest knickers,
(must have won the bet
on Kevin 07) 

here protests gathered in the shade
we honked at climate change
driving past
the politician dummies on stilts
the sausage sizzles

today we touch the trees goodbye
count the notices on their trunks

traffic racket stops with the lights
a line of bikes crosses

we don’t know what to feel for progress
for the coming tram

feel the dark bark
the hanging ribbons of manna gum


  1. Love the dark bark and the hanging ribbons...will be sad to see them go 😯

  2. Love the dark bark and the hanging ribbons...will be sad to see them go 😯

  3. I know, I just had to say goodbye to them physically, actually do it, as I know I will go down there one day soon and the saws will be out and the trees gone. Really interesting just walking down the middle, the traffic sound swelling and then so quiet, it is actually pretty unpleasant and dingy, and Northbourne does look wreck and the pictures so alluring what it will be like, but I mourn the trees. There will be more, other trees, but I just feel sad about the living ones, part of our landscape, each a lovely creature. Like they are friends :(


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