Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kit Kelen #89 - I found the hour

I found the hour

I found the hour you lost
it was down a long way
back paddock

well below the socks
and sinking
but I prised it up

hard to say how
it was certainly
stuck under something

like dragging
through paint
on the way to dry

like daylight saving
and it ends
every day

it was in a garden tangle
where things 
had come unbidden

some heaving required
got it up in the end
felt like a scarecrow slipped from a nail

I came home
to an intimate knowledge
of dust

there's a lifetime's worth of hours
pockets and patches and cul-de-sacs
it's like a shed and the great outdoors

and there's just
no telling time
because open-ended

so as long as we can
live forever
all the books will be read

there should be no problems at all
how to refresh an ancient flokati
- that's my next big puzzle

then there's the old track through the ferns
down to the plank bridge
that's a machete

turns out all the hours ahead are still there
there's a lot of deciding
a lot to do

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