Thursday, September 29, 2016

Donna Rowley #24 The Queen of The Skies

A rare sight near me, a 747 visits Dublin. A four hour round trip to join other eager and crazy people standing in the cold beside a runway just to see and hear this fantastic big beauty. Totally worth it!

And a couple more views of her because it seems everyone loves the 747! 

Two 747s face to face in Dublin, a very rare sight - the one with her back to us came in a month ago for a paint job but unfortunately the owners are having financial problems and there she sits, waiting for someone to take her to the sky again: 


  1. Such a good photo. This was special for you. I love these planes.

    1. You're right Rob, this was really special. Up before 5am, driving for 2 hours in the cold and dark and then patiently waiting for her to descend into view. There was a definite buzz amongst the spectators. And then we returned to the car to sleep for a few hours, before getting to see her go out again. That's when I got this shot - face to face with her just before she left. Truly a magical day, and great to experience with my other half who loves them just as much as I do. :)

  2. Me too - there's something hypnotic about them.

  3. I have a couple more shots of her on my Facebook page but I've no idea how to post them into a comment! Will see if I can work out how to amend my original post.


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