Tuesday, September 27, 2016

   Jack Picone - #30 -  War Trauma 
                                                                                                             © Photograph by Jack Picone

A young Bosnian girl outside her family home during the conflict in former Yugoslavia.The fields around her farm house were extensively mined. Leaving and entering the farm was fraught-filled. She, like many of the young during the conflict, was malnourished and suffered from trauma. 


  1. Another powerful, heart-breaking photo, Jack. Here's a poem I posted here a couple months ago...


    In Southern Bosnia
    where I first knew you
    where there was so much death
    there was a beautiful bridge
    you can't kill memory
    where there is a beautiful bridge
    this is a story about Mostar
    a story about Stari Most
    but no, it's a story about us
    and the fight we had
    on the beautiful bridge
    and how I swore to you
    we would both grow old
    there would be no war
    you didn't listen (I remember)
    you kept on slapping me
    we got home we didn't speak
    we made japrak and chorba
    we cried and held each other tight
    later they tortured you
    then they killed you
    it was a beautiful bridge
    all the water gone
    of course I write this.

    1. Ha, Mostar... heart-breaking and beautiful poem Rob.

    2. Read it a few more time......haunting.

    3. Good on you for listening & remembering.

  2. a brilliant haunting photo. The shadows of the tree and the other children (?) which frame her make her look like she is the ghost returned to her farmhouse, and that the living are the shadows just to her right oblivious to her presence. Unheimlich. Unhomely/uncanny. Too brilliant and moving for words (at this moment).

    1. Thank you Efi. Too generous. Yes, the shadows are of siblings that she at age 10 was tasked with caring for, along with her mother. The father was off fighting the war.

  3. Yes, very haunting. There seems to be a bit of anger in that sad face as well.

    1. It was haunting Eva. She was incredibly hyper and stressed - understandably.


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