Friday, September 30, 2016

Susan Hawthorne #274 musing on painting by Elaine d'Esterre

DP 274 painting by Elaine d'Esterre

I sit here each night looking at the painting
it is large mostly smoky blue abstract
but suggestive of so much more

three nights ago I saw an eyebrow
when that appeared an entire face
became visible    tonight in the centre

it could be a picnic table or a horse
bolting away from human company
the furrowed brow at the top is thinking


  1. Oh that's good, and such realized texture!

  2. Wonderful how this poem comes into view with the painting. Representation. Ways of seeing/knowing.

  3. Thank you. I have known this painting for many years, even stayed in the place where it lives, but this time I have looked at it and seen it differently. It's wonderful when that happens with an art work.


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