Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lesley Boland #26 it comes into the world to make new rules

I want to find the hero’s journey so I can jump cut to that point where she refuses the call.  And then stall there a while, treading water and feeling whatever it is that stalls her.  Fear.  Sadness.  Doubt.  Confusion.  

And then on to tests, allies and enemies.  The thick of it.  A testing of mettle, a forging of relationships, both good and bad.

Why does this work, time and time again?  Why does it work so well that if feels new each time?  Why does adherence to this formula make good a story, and failure to adhere, compromise satisfaction and gut meaning?

I look to these tools to help me answer the question, where to next? Who meets who, does what, and why?  I am fearlessly conformist.  

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  1. lol, the delightfully conjoined questions of difference and closure. :)


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