Thursday, September 29, 2016

Linda Stevenson #44 September 30 St. Christopher

St. Christopher

Some say when you have mislaid your talent
just beef it up anyway,
any old words, ephemera, the plod
of small things,
paraphernalia, formulae.

If that happened to me, I’d stop...
dead stop in my tracks, not
scattering more moist sounds
to the world’s wind, already laden as it is
with too much spittle.

I’d look around for what I’d lost,
maybe ask Saint Christopher;
he’s helped in the past, practical items
turning up under sofas, in cots,
by sinks, or deep in grass.


  1. I adore your writing Linda, so poignant, full of reflection and evocation - where can I get a book? Superb.

    1. I'll speak to you on Messenger, James. Thanks for the high praise, not deserved.

    2. Not. And I think I've got the wrong saint, it should be St. Anthony...finds lost things c/f Christopher is to keep people safe. But Anthony doesn't scan well. Sign of a secular childhood.

  2. Face it, you're outnumbered, Linda. :) I agree with James and Rosemary.

    1. Thanks Efi. I so appreciate all the comments you've made about my poems here


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