Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kit Kelen #491 - on my planet

on my planet

for Fei 

there is no this and that

you don't have cloud trees, do you?

on my planet
no one can go hungry
everything there is 100% edible
we all are
I guess you think that we're cannibals
but everyone loves to be eaten
I'm sure that you would too
if you knew

there is the hoogly
I don't think you have this
and I don't think you can understand
it isn't the face that ever speaks
there isn't a creature that cannot fly

there's no either or
your ups our out
once it was

we all could fly
even the fish
nobody needed wings

nobody knows that the others are like this
so many things you have that are not
I simply have to say

you dream only while you are sleeping
this is unimaginable
I have heard that if you find yourself dreaming
you take it to mean that you must be asleep

you have 'news'
all your voices come to us
and that is how we know

when we die heaven comes too
and you can see this every day
it's the dead things grow

like skin and nails
and what you call truth
everything below

you read books from the beginning
your greatest efforts are to remember
that's not what we chase

you play your musical instruments
on my world we are played
there's something like your numbers

machines do it all
except for what they need from us
we're the animal who sings

and we live in between printed pages
in other ways we're quite unremarkable
I think it's like this with what you call money

over time it has become lighter
it's the equal to and seems to require you
the more of it the less you see

you think of the animal others below you
but ours are machines in the air
we draw them down for conversation

I think it's because of them we're here
they are edible as well
and neither here nor there

perhaps just now you're beginning to know
that it's the mad ones rule
our word 'to rule' means mad

everything of your world I know
is from your paper and screens
you're far away so long ago
that might be our one thing in common

I can't know what else I have missed
I'm only just guessing what it is you won't have
I can't know what you won't know

I don't know what
you refuse to believe

there is no this or that
where I am

we only keep our grip
where we have been let go


  1. on my planet
    sometimes they sing sweetly
    of destruction


    1. and the grateful dead
      add their high and lonesome
      but who applauds


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