Saturday, May 6, 2017

Rob Schackne #323 - Have You Ever Died

Have You Ever Died

Have you ever died
where suburban is
flanked by wolves

sharks swim in pools
every smile a knife
afraid of Lawless

the children march
like soldiers off to war
come back wounded

I didn’t notice
that I had big problems
until my wife left me

is it a quandary
are you dying there
might be forgotten here

a tincture then
some frozen will see
gods fallen in their dreams

remind me of my old
dump in Camberwell
two doors down a fire

where I rushed in
for the young woman
who wasn't there


  1. Fabulous Rob - so ominous and over-laid with danger. Love the haunting finish with the absent young woman in a house-fire - to be continued??? Looking forward to the follow-up- "Have you ever died 2"!

    1. You encouraged me, dear Kristen. This subsequent Part 2 however took another turn, one other life. (This strange writing life.)

    2. So glad you followed on with Part 2 - I must check it out :)

  2. dying's the forgotten thing
    we go to it alone
    go to be gone
    there isn't the least danger in it
    here because we're here


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