Sunday, July 2, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 269 - Cranky rants in cyberspaces

Cranky rants in cyberspaces

anger    sucking air efficient
as the carburetor  rushing

in where stand the bone-hard
statues    loneliness exclusion

long-worshipped  in the land
beside my handy small-held

block where soil bears  the
year round   where animals   right this

minute hold my face
in high esteem  it dissipates

the steam of somewhere virtual
the other real   un-me  the place

where fury tends to be   to glow   attract
these wordy reveries

below my hand the soft fake velvet of
 five layer rugs     the small strewn bodies

the distance of the morning
electric land ameliorates
  to sand


  1. barely animate
    like a tree branch
    murmurs into space
    waiting for an answer

    1. Mr S you breathe these stanzas out. I roll in them, hoping not to break their spines.

  2. and wherever we are
    we're not

  3. I'd stay below the soft fake velvet with the small strewn bodies :)


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