Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 301-tightening the screws

Tightening the screws

Every moment skin    jumping off the flesh beneath
electric through to teeth   and tight the turn
the smallest of the Allen keys
on that ridiculous circlet 
you wear at your belt 

I wondered
what it was you
took apart  stood ready
to disassemble  at
any moment     horrors

it is me     I do nothing
to prevent you    just make light sounds
murmuring my reasons
for occupying space
as if     at the core of me
in my soul       my spirit
my breadbox

I think there is some battery pack
you might adjust     make the current
flow        all that ails me swims away
a current    washed
a drain


  1. A beauty Kerri - love the ending with all that ails you swimming away - a current washed, a drain - perfecto!


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