Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 307 - Party like it cost nine ninety-nine.

Party like it cost nine ninety-nine.

when I tire of glasses magnifying my black eye circles
I put glitter on them    all light no shade   that’s me

the kid who used to do all 16 parties  
we’d sit together      I would be perched on the arm of your chair

in my 60’s lace and bead dress      prattling and fussing
with my stockings  my bracelets my tapestry  button-up boots 

 and heads close together we’d strategize the schedule
 and arrive  like the Concorde 

 nose up  across the Atlantic
at the speed of fucking sound  

not now    we are the wide body B52’s on the party runway 
 a blither  of terylene and nylon hair

 I’m not planning to get
 to the real party until midnight   I’m not  doing much

 but warming up my shoes   but  I’ll still
 wait   a week for the fixative and the glitter  to arrive 

still me  breath steaming up the front window
all bright and no shade  

the night’s light saber  aching
 her  high pitched buzz  


  1. get those shoes in the microwave, gal
    two minutes outghta do

  2. Glitter up and dance the night away :)

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  5. Just A Kid

    (for Kerri Shying)

    Lord it cost 9.99
    he was dangling
    the end of discount

    a frozen rope
    positively cheap
    a straight corpse

    enemy of the state
    just a kid really
    going shopping


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