Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kerri Shying R - # 313 - The Provenance


I haven’t used the filing cabinet
sweet oak  finely cut

since the incident
five years ago  when

he took my drafts and
stuffed them in the rubbish

I saw pages  specked
with tea leaves  stinking

of the sushi  he took for lunch
at work    after that I was

the squirrel  I held it all
inside my cheeks

and put on forty pounds
of firm hard flesh

a hundred  more
of inconsequential data

kept tchotchkes            the driftwood
round the hollow logs

of safety       so today
I climbed this tree

the sky all blues
my heart  fast-beating

kept the rhythm


  1. the provenance
    is the rhythm
    can't keep still

  2. That's top drawer for sure - those images!!!!!

  3. Fantastic Kerri - packs a punch! I wouldn't use the filing cabinet either - well maybe to throw it in someone's direction :)) And such wonderfully vivid images...they linger.


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