Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kit Kelen #599 - take a line and run with it

take a line and run with it

think of the first track ever
long before an ant stepped out

there had to be some twinkle twinkle
meant a world went round
on track I mean
some satellite followed

there was no meaning then however
we still cast an eye around

puppy and sniff
who’s been here before?

I said first on the island
brought the bush to heel

a generation polished chrome

could be a dribble of ink
or instruments misread

a hairline crack unravelling
so you’re in two minds

fish reeled in
lines intersect

take one and follow

where those wings went
now it’s blue

traipse about, saunter
follow a line and lose your way

lie low

have a sense of them on your tail
lose them too

and they were reading my every move
or I must have imagined it

now where are we?
where has this got us?
are you following this?


  1. every step of the way, but jumping the cracks.

  2. Yes indeed as we slowly unravel, lie low, vanish.

  3. I'm of two minds too. Let 'em read the other one.


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