Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Stuart Rawlinson #75 - The Wrong Fight

if they don't like our way
they can stop engaging


wish we could
more history in
your cloisters
than a steel
replica pagoda

there are distractions
and then
there are distractions

plan b washed away
in the folds of canvas
with Nixon's broad
stroke. No time
for paint to dry
or generations
to not crossover

if you can win
why scoop your
chips into soft
pockets and leave

take the scalpel
to the cancer

master your senses
hold your thoughts
in deep rice bowls
spin then round
swill then down

step outside and
pick the right fight
for once
for once in your life

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  1. Yes. Well. As an old China watcher, you know things are getting worse.


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