Friday, August 18, 2017

Kristen de Kline #129 Being bad's better

My boy on Fable II:

I legit married a prostitute
it's like comedy and stuff
it's funny
like you're a hero
I own every building in the world
it's Medieval and industrial like Victorian Britain
you've got all the powers
you can choose to be good or evil
or corrupt or pure
I'm the ghoul
you get evil eyes and horns
if you reach the max amount of good and pure
you get a little halo above your head
it's cool
I've basically got every weapon
stop bloody attacking me
I'm sick of this shit
I'm trying to sacrifice you to the shadows
stop running away
I'm the most corrupt and degenerate you can be
my dog's black with red eyes
being bad's better

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  1. ... and when you live forever
    you've got a lot of time


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