Saturday, August 19, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 306 - Learning to be helpless

Learning to be helpless

I got this letter  from my care agency it said
after the 25th you will cease to get our care

you withdrew
from the NDIS and so

we can no longer get your
funding   I went blue

I am the same as I was before I got
the letter  I was rejected by the NDIS

as it happened   but I rang them
just the same   they said

if you have our rejection letter
you can force them to continue service

I said   can you send it to me
they said we can’t provide our records

to a third party
and I cried

a week later
I got a letter from the NDIS saying

we were all being moved across
and our care should stay the same until

decisions could be made     so
who do I believe     my friend says



  1. Dear Kerri, while the bureaucrats fiddle, let the carers care. Jesus. Hope it turns out alright.

  2. Bloody bureaucrats - have no idea the huge impact they have on yours/people's lives...the use of letters (not direct contact) seems a way of being at a distance from all their clients. Hope you can get to discuss with a real life person...soon!


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