Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Kit Kelen #605 - the work

the work
(in silence)

comes to us courtesy of
truth to be told

here’s the moment
makes morning of

I am that speck in spectacle
soul atom

scratch down
where I was swimming before

out of the other world
make the clock home

all the day’s pockets a traffic roar
and chime of next-to-do

fair frost out there
so it’s telling tea

here where the sun says
east of us in

through glass
let to light

things come to their definite lines
as if meant

from under some stray fold of I am
pages poke out

blank to be written
and already there

mainly eavesdropping
just noting what’s

breath at a time – the inspiration
skins scroll back to reveal

how the world is written
I believe everything will wait on

just one star shone
just me alight, just now

companion of the word, the way
just you to hear and see

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  1. soul atom
    scratch down
    where I was swimming home

    Wonderful. Immortal enough. :)


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