Friday, August 18, 2017

Kit Kelen #594 - a place in the sun

a place in the sun

as simple as that

the football facts
of our obscurity –
a television roar

I went back to rescue a line
but it was too far in the dream
to catch

sky is as blue as day here

it’s a little business
going broke like this

follow where a leaf will fall
see the bird beside itself
see feathers come to a tail

a place in the sun
but which?
so many shine!

I too am frenzied for the light
hear the boards creak
but ghosts won’t come

I wanted to be pictured
the fable of prowess
never caught a shadow cast
but it was steel sprung industry
captained by a call

some myth all made up
like gods to go

smug swagger
the wind gets into my head
that’s knowing

here where no one will notice
night and what can be done for us

it’s you’re the one who’ll tell
when the time is come

you won’t see stars
without a dizzy
in at least the dark

to work in silence
for obscurity
that’s how we’ll
be blessed

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