Thursday, August 31, 2017

Kit Kelen #607 - it begins

it begins

for Cat

harder with the barrow
harder with the spade, the fork
harder uphill
and more timid down

the spread ache
like a gift of dance
turns us through days

it begins
all the years of us
counted, amaze

things from the year of my birth
are surviving

all breakfast to consider
we like a list

the sky as in
here rain fell
you listen to the roof now

harder to remember
harder to forget

there’s nothing much
before our time
except somehow we’ve to be

strain is a gift
of knowledge to come

the cough comes on

what we know now would kill a dog

lights burn in the mirror behind us
head height in front
why are they shouting now?

cough goes on
every god clamours for prayer
so let them

let fools tell fear
let them tell what can’t be known

as if other bodies
were anticipated

we know better

chime in with wise saws
drowse in the day
now that sleep’s wakeful

the forgetting begins
that’s a deep forest
it’s almost as far as we can remember

is there a doctor will beat on this chest?
when did this cough begin?

inches closer – the fatal star
the sun we cannot know

it begins

harder with the barrow
harder with the spade, the fork
harder uphill
more timid down

out here radio still crackles
you can hiss back too

the worse the news
the less surprise

get over yourself
is what they all say

nod off in the show
rage fades with wisdom

where’s love to shelter?

a mind’s eye glint persisting

we head off salt and pepper
we come back full of snow

children see in your hands
the amazement of time
like blood now that you know where it goes

the world is heavier
we must tread lightly

I think it must be beginning today

and yet we’re still to shine


  1. the harder with the world
    still shining today

  2. hard to say anything in the face of all that beauty - what a ripper!


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