Friday, August 18, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 305 - Three Winter Melons

Three Winter Melons

full and hard  and hairy as my face
on steroids  last time I got the eye pain
they were a good score   now the warm winds
bustle out the cold  a month ahead of time

three green mysteries  play pick-a-box
for soup  or curry  fry me fry me   choices
about food  you don’t expect 
they do your head in     grace
in the car park of the Star Hall  where

the volunteers meet us  halt us  lame us
failed in vision    the first and third Friday
in the month  rice tangelos winter melon
the largest sack of spuds    butter yellow squash
the pleasure
 planning tea


  1. great rhythm ...
    I feel a garden series coming on ... produce!
    (verb and noun)

  2. I have the 28 days of flowers coming up starting the 1st of September, so yes, the ground begins to warm...

  3. flower a day -- that's a chapbook!

  4. I am thinking so. But you know with me...there is always a little manure!


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