Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kerri Shying R # 309 - The NDIS say no then it changes it's mind and says yes takes my things away

The NDIS says no then it changes it's mind and says yes takes my things away

point me to the smart measuring
accountant’s  rapacity trajectory 

that says I can be
or not be  let to plan  up my
next year  forget
I am not a business  forget

that it is sending me to the darkest
spaces  of untrust   the transactional

temple-gunner  with a ticking timer
has returned    and sends me letters

sends me forms  tells me
get this by then  and he will say

if I am deserving of the things
I already have   the limp the nightmares

the falling over breaking bones
a webster pak  and constant pain  I don’t

know if I have it in me to convince these dills
again  or if I will just slide away

leave something better whole


  1. Bloody hell Kerri - what a rollercoaster of a ride (and poem!). I think we have to get the lawless lot onto these bureaucrats - they are f-ing around with your head, body and spirits. Virtual hugs from another lawless spirit:))

  2. a curse on all the houses of dills!

  3. ...a pack of rolling assholes, let them roll away.


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