Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kit Kelen #602 - shopping in the boxes

shopping in the boxes

lost among the all-I-have

so many languages to forget
like a drawer of socks goes on forever
so much light lost to looking

and a map's like that
all further than the eye
that's the whole point

planets there revolve
round stars we can no longer name

the ornaments are gathered dust
and everywhere we've been
must still smell of us

down to delve

indulgences of this church remain
like so much paper scratched

you'd never know though
the furniture of where I sat
the bed of where I lay

love, too lies curled in its precious corner
must be found out

there isn't where you catch up with yourself
but where else could you go?

mainly you'd call it clothing
it's for a statue gathers snows
and mud, cracked sun
for every weather

all at the night at the foot of those stairs
some old magic settled
like dust beam moted ages past
dark blizzard nights
and crash through atmospheres to home
and to hold

the precious long lost
roll into a little ball
come cockroach to its corner

same old bone as dug from scratch
buried all alone

and among the all-that's-lost
one wonders to be here
one wonders to be at all

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