Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Kit Kelen #584 - innocent pastimes

innocent pastimes

funeral is the priest's best fear
we all know we go
and now we're here
with the mortal remains
won't say a word
all sing
some can't
but do anyway

they're in a box
we're boxed in

once for dread of lightning
ran into a cave
then later built one
sky's gone
for heaven

such a god painted
then let's be sheep – that's the lesson
nail up the shepherd and grieve

tire of that?
you're a fish
served up headless
nobody wants to see

but delicious
to be in the valley of the shadow
of catering's stale
but it's an open bar
if you can catch the one
and only deity tending

I'll settle for a cup of tea
I make it myself
and keep my wits about

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