Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kit Kelen #606 - an idea entertains me

an idea entertains me

all birds are otherworldly

trees are for forage landed
find the light lost in the ground

we don’t know how to live here

who knows what else is to dig?

a hole is
or ever will

we, by contrast, are habitable

all feet
but we have never landed

twirl up for which we’re best remembered

they leave by the light far flown

a wind tears off
what we call the news soon passed

the border is the thing let grow

day and night

they have sung in
we call it that

we are joining
taken by the air

they leave by the light far flown

the spore of life
was every world distinct
and all its own idea

is it thinking makes so?
we’ll never know

it’s lovely here to be home

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