Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kristen de Kline #136 Emptiness

I said nothing for a long time
the emptiness was chattering, heavily
why did I think emptiness would be

poems were not writing themselves
they paused on hash tags numbers titles
down they rained:
litigation blues
bureaucratic slime
broken things
pints in the sun
birthday parties for dead girls
poetry, words and
fucked up things

soldiers shouted in the streets
convoys left before dawn
returned in the midnight hour
somebody tells you to fill the emptiness
with poetry paintings God
somebody tells you at the end of the day
what matters doesn't matter
and what doesn't matter  ...
languishes       out the back of Lawless
you listen to sirens     soldiers
shouting     heavy metal
thumping   you think about broken days stolen
hearts     the heaviness of emptiness
strangers     disappearing
all sorts of fucked up things


  1. Yes the fear
    of not writing
    into the emptiness
    but lord
    it needs it
    same way
    soldiers need
    to fuck off
    and go back home

  2. lazy good for nothing shiftless wasting bloody poems
    can't even write themselves anymore

  3. Yes, Rob, those soldiers do need to bloody fuck off! And, Kit, you make me laugh - bloody poems can't even write themselves - what next?


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