Friday, August 25, 2017

Kit Kelen #601 - a star fell

a star fell

out of a rabbit's hat

tiger dust
all as-if

glimpse and then gone
that's how we're lived

like a highway
lost us
in the getting here

all kinds of animals
I am
aren't you?

and only
as each imagines

flight winged
where else?

now lit

all as noted
made mind's-eye
and having hoofed

paws forward
I'm typing direct
onto the screen

into the lake reflected sky

it's in the deeps
I follow along
fine fish

just with some casual phrasing
cloud scud
and frayed so far
you can't hear anymore

it's like a poem
is working on me

as if I'd been led
at the worm's first turning

as if now it's for me
to sort out it out

to work out
how to go on

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