Monday, August 21, 2017

Kristen de Kline # 131 Saturday night: Riot Days

Pussy Riot live in Melbourne!
#don't watch the news
Putin peed his pants
#say nothing without a lawyer
fucking gulag
#destroy your Sim card
wasted youth
#never give names
dark red lips

I stood in line for a copy of Riot Days
they said it was the first release in the whole universe
the whole galaxy     I still didn't get it autographed
I open it at a random page and scan the titles in bold
telling myself whatever words I read, it's a message from the Gods
about how to start again     breathing,
living     that is:
wind returns
snowflakes fall 
the more arrests, the better
I don't know what the fuck I'm   talking   about  
I open it again. This time: bulletproof, hysteria and aquarium
a few pages on: Welcome to Hell
I turn to the back: white roses and an affair with heroin

I just want that hot punk chick to sign my book squiggle a love heart in biro talk to me in her Russian accent all these people in the foyer I'm feeling claustophobic leather jackets Russian army hats post punks dyke couples with plastic beakers of merlot wearing T-shirts with Russian lettering I don't understand radio people balaclavas Melbourne uni students somebody with a large camera and a microphone asking what I thought of the show I just want that hot punk chick to sign my book

We walk over the bridge to an empty bar
drink espressos black sambuca house
red imported lager in a German stein
nibble left-over Maltesers
talk about revolutions punk old girlfriends new
girlfriends coffee and cigarettes crazy people we knew at uni
jobs we lost people we knew who rose to the top
people we knew who
fell   from   grace
all sorts of random shit

Maybe I don't know what the fuck is ready
or not ready:
wasted youth  dark red lips  white roses
What was I thinking?
I'm scribbling on a napkin     again.  
No more messages from the universe.
I'm all over the place.
Just some random shit
and cigarettes
and crazy people.
My kind of night.


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