Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kit Kelen #675 - pretty ring time (jet lag series)

pretty ring time
(jetlag series)

you fly beyond all time zones
until you're in and of the clock
you can always make up a story to be

it's coded – we're code
no glasses see through

make out
a cause

and find the lying stillness
in all the layers hum
a sea roar
and the aircon
a temperature adjusts

until time settles back into
you won't know where you are

traceless, the gone worlds
hear them hum
lost orbits
echoes of the spin

a stretch in all directions
we pile up like snow here

to imitate time
one dizzy insect comes
to intimate

let me be dark of first light
and birds do sing
hey ding a ding a ding
home is the nowhere hum


  1. Slipping between time-zones, temperatures and worlds - nothing quite like jet lag :))


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