Monday, February 5, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 409 - things you need to do/when it strikes

Things you need to do/when it strikes

find all your spare glasses  you will lose things    mark the end date
  on your calendar    tell everyone  
  get onto the association for your disease  find out

how much of the dastardly element
you will have to feel/touch/eat/huff
daily     until then     take a few sleeps
for the first days   remember
this is how your life was before  
you knew

on the third day   rise
go around the room and get the clothes rearranged     put the long things
that disguise your   pain/bloat/pads/bleeding   all together    it will help
the weeks pass     when you get dressed  
as yourself each day

take care    adorn the bed  in flannel slips   something to soak up
what may leak    from you
plan your meals    this body is a queen   a figurehead
on a ship in heavy seas   rope the lifeboats to her

carry a duck 
blame it
for the lot


  1. Striking. Chilling. Real. Sublime.

    Thank you, dear Kerri.

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