Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kit Kelen #782 - three poems - it's with the first thing birds / upon the place below / now my kingdom is complete

three poems

it's with the first thing birds
bearers of light

I become a more sensitive instrument

all twinge of
they tune the weather to me now

this music has a knowledge of us

I hear the day strike up

upon the place below

at long bloody last
chimes with a rhythm we call roof

this is the first time for the rain
when it was arriving I almost took a pill

it has to find a way to earth

it has to be a cloud first
congregation of vapours

all paws for it
I stand in socks at last to watch

chutes tangles and the targets off
they could be ours down there

a long imagination of wonders
that it could be so

sky pissed itself pure again

the first green thing is yet to shine
blind in hopes of up

now my kingdom is complete

and all unruly subject

but have they come?

I am a pyramid
all tomb if done

all around me
far as eye can see

already the shine is coming off

all the faith glow of it goes

there's no one in charge here

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