Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kit Kelen #764 - rough shod

rough shod

things we need so plentiful
it's hard to choose between

once we were too many ourselves
house might overflow
onto street

it's like the music all at once
and you can't call it that

spill urchins
into filthy mitts

imagine the lessening rest
all poorer by the day
and we swell with it

the fallen
interfered with

it's pride and there's a head on

many of the slaves are happy
pleasure them
with toil to us
and ache for it

maybe too dusty gathering

now and then breath catches

see how the skin has gone

and pass it on
all that was done to does

no one takes into account

or the double lives of lusted bounds
the power always over under

done down
death's a gone beyond

we're here

if you wash things together
you'll get fluff all over

you might end up where you didn't wish

then all stopped to hear the story
we were little, listening

it's like the frail world never was
all on their own two feet

what wisdom of us
made a house stand up
through storms and sun
through preaching

then I was a form of words
so catch a kindness from me
and let me close with love

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