Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Kit Kelen #788 - everybody came in

everybody came in

out of the rain

all misted down
the out-there
dark of a window won

cows stood round of course

music sat in a chair
kicked back
and I could hear the creek

fur came
whiskers, wings
and more legs
the ponderous and the posers

ideas abandoned
and an outer world
to flicker in the cave


all awash
we were trying out for an Ark

all suitcases and relatives
hopes of a place in the sun

each of them wanting a name
they came with the skills of another place

all of us under glass

ran round till naked
it was summer still
but you could see out

we had parlour games --
chase the spider
poison rat
spray the yet-to-name

what sports!
they'd play along
and gasp their last

and after
o such happy trees

all of us looking up
to the business blue
of a sky for these parts

run so the rain won't catch you
sweep it out the door

sing where the sun even now stands waiting
just to be shone some more

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