Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kerri Shying R #417 - the ladies auxiliary

the ladies auxiliary

don’t school me    by the ankle socks
here       my chin whiskers   leaning in
for lopping   brushing on the peter pan
of the collar     much too more the dessert
woman   than a statement hair   this

tired old consciousness   the thing
is gunna lap me    all lined up 
on the top oval   like the start of that
fucking futile cross-country   it gave me
asthma    and it never did rate fitness

curriculum  stamped me
like a letter     return to sender  
so   here I am and
what you gunna do
with me  now eh


  1. all the better to gobble you up

    make mine a nenish tart


  2. they knit with sharp needles
    but somehow I don't think
    they're the ladies auxiliary


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