Friday, February 16, 2018

Kit Kelen #776 -- I long to be outlived

I long to be outlived

this bothers God so much

steeped in what was
as I am

no one's ancestor
but breathe until I'm dust

here's how it goes, the after-all
no blowing off this world

but I should want immortal

is there some spirit still unwords me?
doubt has hope to pray for it

you're half way
and half way of that
you're the arrow

I'm the tide
risen and down
I'm the wood laid
leaf to fall
I'm the trouble with

well slept
longer in the tooth
gods' ages all as dreamt

creak in the breeze
here afloat
and fixed for an horizon

the wreckers have this planet
for parts
who is there to argue?

no lips
no someone
no name of the tree

every god's forgotten by name
word for the thing lost
categories called off

all whirled in a world
till that's done too

one day the sun shoots through
this is a far fact

as every cloud yearns
gives and gone

to reign over us, saved
and noble, gracious

it's deep in the bones
to want a world after
be sent victorious

stones on another attest
without the least inscription

my pyramid is all these years
and it too will be dust

spore of the stars
will the oneness be called?
or will we yet be spared?

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