Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kit Kelen #789 - this is where I never grew up (a note for my archaeologists)

this is where I never grew up
(a note for my archaeologists)

a rattle past of road
and there's the future mist

cow lowed
I went under the radar here

these few chords for amazement
succeeding as we come to our time
which seems on occasion to be a place

it was purchased for the purpose
I meant to wreck their business model
by being the hidden treasure
I was!

flit from dark dreaming
to what the sun's lit

yes all around it spoke
there was holy water
and the garden grew

empire of me on tip toes too

this has to be where the penny dropped
I pulled the wool over my very own eyes
and everyone else's
got lost in the piano here
and made myself event

I stretched to fit
and covered every surface
and even where I couldn't play

a scholar of my scratchy desk
an astronaut of nights
I could be anything
(boys always could)

was toasted under tin
and oft in effigy to burn
I made my own anathema thus
welcome to my Ark
or perhaps you'd say pyramid?

it must be here I landed

various parts come bring

they said the umbrella tree would tear up the slab
how tall and true all stories are
mixed flora in the cracks below

a lucky thing it all was
I've thought to call it 'parrot's dice'

yes I come down in the last shower
and shake a leg to start

the day was always bright eyes
and the night was always young

made rough justice here
though we won't mourn what's said

I had my head screwed on all this while
the things I've not yet tried are too scary

coming and going then one day I stuck
'it wouldn't work', they told me

tooth and claw some certain seasons
best of all I fooled myself
I could never add up and away

under the flesh I was down to the bone
still I kept my shirt on

and here's the seventh city
and the dust of it shook off

grandeur in the handspan, wings
anything you can dream upon

here's the fountain
you have to only sip from the cup

youth's patina applies

it was here I found out
my wallaby nature
and took things on the bounce

this is where schemes came to grief
and I must have been hatched

it's all proverbial in these parts
and quite a bit of the biblical knowledge
as in the spirit of creation
ironized as in due course

I keep the hemlock beaker here
just in case of coups

yes you can say it's half full

this is the place!
dig here!


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