Sunday, February 18, 2018

Kit Kelen #778 - everything in the dream is true

everything in the dream is true 

all elsewhere gone
but stumbling in and from

the scherzo is a nocturne

in another clock
someone is counting

itch, turn
as if world were

when they bury me
so stir

and the teacups
the beam from which

all elsewhere gone

fold under

over and sniff
follow furrow too

till itch and down

time is standing in its lesser cot
kennel it
keep up

we with the tree all climbed

run after sunlight
be pursued

so we come to falling
smoke so many pounds a puff

early hours adolescent
when you need to go

a deathbed toddler squirms for words
they're not to follow now

crackles through static
the light of day

music's never understood
it's lovely though to be

in a wood where I paint savages

all shapes to colour
till sleep comes
and in itself all gone

wake to play
and sleep to this

everything true
in the dream

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