Thursday, February 15, 2018

Kit Kelen #775 - gentle with a self

gentle with a self
he receives a custodial sentence

in all the much-to-do

world spun on without

I'm the parrot
sent to brighten
and breeze edge at the front

in charge

let's half naked with the day
and further on upon reflection

let's not forget the night
all lines to it

and firstly up
as all selves

so many things are my beginning

always being eaten away
roll around a clock

in little ball
as ever apt

snuggle up
make moment

things grow up
and I go under

it's so easily said

this must be All Selves Day

the one idea
expands expires
and then you piss it in

if past the little rounded sleep
there isn't some better guess
but be here


and take time

be taken with

is it not music makes?
as through the crackle come

like trees reach
limbs in the up and up

we make it
out of accidents
like word and light

so hunch hope
come gentle to the fray

one day
what I could do
is done

so gentle with a self
till then

go gently to the day

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