Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kit Kelen #773 - two kinds

two kinds

for Virginia and Jane

collecting, neglecting
shed, afire

pyre people
and the pyramid kind

something eats away
or the heart expands
like a little sun
all engulf in flame

till then
who stand and wait
still serve

some in the shadows
some themselves shine

some like a tasty dish of ground glass
others will smash the beaker-full over you

away with the fairies
and cows come roost

alive to opportunity
some shun still
stand off out of my sun would you

some give both barrels
some are stung

fools fall for anything
wise guys wink

doormats and arseholes
all must choose

position fixed and then the floaters
you can't flush away

brush them
and flies were where they've been

two kinds
the spare and the expanding

distracted, eye on the ball
and follow it down
to rabbit hutch
or hell

of appetite
and under it

I can't sit in all these chairs
I cannot bear to watch

and one unkind

who cough
or doctor
come for grief
laugh off

the workers bite
the hands that feed
the bosses cook
their goose

poor schmucks they've fired

two kinds
the blinded
and better, a poke in the eye
the belly fish slap

it's golden

dead on their feet

all the us-and-themsters
those who disneyfy

the gleaming castles all for them
why not place have a flutter

those who make up words like that

the natured and the nurtured
spruikers and those taken in 
no one stands the mountain up
but some knock and go in

all slaves of destiny
of capital
next crust

and/or unaware

the blissed
and go to blazes

those to roast
and on the rocks

dead on their feet
and the knees worn down

some preservered in spirits

mossed and scree squashed
first melt washed

dichotomisers, holists

who muck
who live the slops

legend and lunching
you won't get the cork back

market, undertow
this little piggy
and a big bad wolf

the parliament and its under privileged

sky pilots and the woad blue pagans
worship you as soon as

and on your side

the cheering and the tinnitus crew 

the tossers
and too much admired

those come up
and must come down

here's luck
and here's comeuppance come
the slink through few

highly strung
big bass beat

mousey and Broom-hilda chasing
stood on a chair for the clock run up

who war with words
or silence

stand up for selves
or else go down

better out of it
all in

those who want it both ways
zombies are fence sitters

the living lost
the dead remembered
the dead wrong
dread right

myself I am with phone
and ringing

you are ringing off

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  1. yes two kinds
    the mustn't watch
    and I can't look away
    the splayed fingers
    and the slap in the face


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