Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kit Kelen #766 - advice for one who is always preparing

advice for one who is always preparing

be with the thing – you're here
be blank
like a sky unread

not to know what's next

a loll in what you've got is good

if down to the bone
point that!

you know there's really nothing
nothing to think to do

the all to-do comes to us now
this is what's left of the world

you can call or simply let it come

how we are all of us
buried in time

it's the story of how we've survived
there's moral fibre in it

all of the heavenly bodies take rest
no wondering if they're next to shine

the page to dream
is night

maybe we can wake to some nothing
in the folds of such a sea

after you've finished creeping
you cling
what they offer goes in
someone may wipe your ends
for decorum

but as for now
we know to treasure

a question marks the day
then eat an ice cream
in the littlest pond
and try your best not to drip

you can do all of these things
safely at

everyone should have one
or more
and share

the longer the nest to make
the lovelier the egg


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