Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kerri Shying R # 418 young men, again

young men, again

you have me   smile
 your warm
 butter smile   follow
 about the pharmacy

he’s a chatterbox   all six four
a hundred kilos   an open paddock
of a face   tells me how he took his mates
to tapas  for the first time
and they rise up

coming through the screen doors
in cricket pads

these giants faces  
how they fell   even in that
 buzz box   excitement
the platters   bite sizes
 odd number appetisers  

aching on politeness
  smart casual
the unbumbled manhood

me too much
 the kindly old woman he knows
 to talk to    to say
  oh love
did you stop
did you get something
to eat 
on the way home

we sniffed
 the beard soap
while I waited for my script
he told me
how      maybe
the woman      she
likes the smell her man has



  1. it could be something already in her nose'
    or up

    aching on
    an open paddock
    giants' faces fell

    smart casual
    umbumbled manhood
    dreamt a way to here


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